Sociology In Action
Unlike other subjects, which most commonly have a very narrow focus, Sociology allows you to study everything and anything!

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Sociology In Action

The person who coined the term ‘Sociology’, Auguste Comte, suggested that there was a hierarchy of subjects, with Sociology sitting at the very top.

Now, we are not necessarily suggesting that Sociology is better than all other subjects, but Auguste Comte makes an important point here. Unlike other academic subjects, which focus on just one area, Sociology, can and does, look at everything in the known human world. This is both a key strength and weakness of Sociology. It is a strength, as Sociology allows us to study and understand all aspects of the human world around us; however, this makes defining and understanding what Sociology is, quite difficult, as it is such a diverse subject.

Hence, what this section of the website offers, is just a very small sample of the kinds of work and research that some Sociologists do. But there are Sociologists studying all kinds of aspects of society, with many making real contributions and significant changes to how thing are done, such as improving the lives of marginalised groups, understanding the impacts of climate change, improving police practices, or influencing government policy, to name but a few.

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