Students could use this information to sketch out their own organic analogy and label the different parts of the body with institutions in society. This is a good opportunity to remind them of key words including social structure, agency and consensus.

The topic pack linked here begins with an overview of social theory before moving on to developing a basic understanding of functionalism. The resource begins by locating functionalism within a wider historical context, as some of its’ founding ideas.

Students will come to understand that functionalism emerged during a period of great social change and that it sought to understand such changes in the context of the wider enlightenment movement.

This resource contains copiable materials for students and separate teacher resources, with ideas for formative and summative assessments. Page 1-21 contain teacher instructions for all tasks, with the copiable student resources on pages 22-41.

These could be used as a standalone revision pack, at-home study aid or as individual activities during lessons.

Discover More Download the Topic Exploration Pack Microsoft Word - 4.3mb file:



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