Media Introduction
‘Media’ is a popular topic that has featured on A-level (and similar) Sociology courses for many years. More recently, new material has been added to reflect the changing landscape of the media presented to us by (what is often referred to as) ‘new media’.

Meida Introduction 

‘New’ and ‘Old’ Media

Some teachers may feel a little uncomfortable here, anticipating that ‘the students know more about it than me!’. Whilst this may well be the case with regards to the day-to-day workings of Facebook news feeds, Instagram posts and how to save an image from Snapchat, the focus needs to remain with Sociology and so of course any worries are usually over inflated. Nonetheless a usual starting point for all concerned is to examine the question of ‘what is (or are) the media’?

Here then we begin by considering (so-called) ‘new’ and ‘old’ media forms by looking at key definitions and audience engagement and then the impact of new media. We then offer resources on the subject of the ownership and control of the media, looking specifically at the concentration of power and the question of Globalisation or Americanisation? we offer material covering the selection and presentation of the content of the news. Here we consider how the news distorts our worldview, followed the case of the Chinese media and Hong Kong protests, and then we tackle the issue of setting the agenda. Then we look at media representations of ethnicity and Islamophobia, followed by gender representations, and then in more detail gender representations and the 2015 General Election and the media and older women. Finally we look at the relationship between the media and its audiences by considering media violence, children and advertising, models of media influence, and finally, the media, folk devils and moral panics.


More Resources

    Making sense of Brexit By Victor Seidler Policy Press

    Miseducation By Diane Reay


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