Politics Introduction
Politics are an important part of society, which, even though many may not realise it, has a crucial role in shaping how we lead our everyday lives. Students may come to the topic of politics with little, if any, knowledge of the UK political system. Hence, it is always worthwhile spending some time looking at the basics.

Health Introduction 


Hence, this section begins with an introduction to the political system. We then offer resources on various political ideologies, including, Anarchism, Absolutism, Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism. Next we look at the nature and distribution of political power in society, focusing on Pluralism and Elite theory. Then the changing patterns of political action, by considering voting behaviour, political protest, pressure groups, and the globalisation and the power of the nation-state. Finally we offer example classroom resources on the role of the media in the political process, by looking at the ownership and control of the mass media, and finally the case example of It’s The Sun wot won it.


More Resources

    Making sense of Brexit By Victor Seidler Policy Press

    Miseducation By Diane Reay


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