Social Inequality

Feminist Art

Begin with a brainstorm of the names of any artists the students are aware of. It might be that several well-known local artists feature or simply ‘famous ones they have heard of’ such as Monet and Picasso.

From this, introduce the idea that perhaps large parts of Britain’s cultural scene is male-dominated, even in areas of life traditionally seen as the domain of women (cooking is a good example here).

Feminist art is the art made in the 1970s by female artists influenced by the feminist movement at this time. The Tate has some coverage on their website of this genre:

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In this article is a five minute video, »Where are the Women?‰Û which addresses the lack of women in art, and the changing role of women in a male-dominated art world over the centuries – culminating in the 1970s feminist art movement.

Students could then use this Pinterest board: as a starting point for their own research into one female artist.

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