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As you can see, Sociology embraces the whole range of human activities, making it a very wide field of study. Whether you are studying Sociology at A Level, hoping to further your studies at university or simply curious about the subject, we hope this guide has opened your mind to the many opportunities out there for sociologists and shown how a sociological outlook can help you make your mark in a highly competitive market place.

The Road to Success - Leyla Mehmet

The BSA website has a dedicated section for anyone thinking of studying Sociology. Around 40 British universities have Sociology departments and many more teach Sociology courses, so if you want to study in the UK you have plenty of choice.

In studying Sociology, you are welcomed into a community of like-minded people who are fascinated with how we work as human beings. Generations of students have found that Sociology makes them look at the world in new ways and this is why so many of us feel so passionately about it – and why the subject is still pioneering after more than 100 years.


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