Giving you the skills to succeed!

The skills you learn in Sociology are marketable and having them on your CV shows that you understand the world around you. Sociological theory helps you to become a critical thinker because it exposes you to many different ways of seeing the social world, and with so much political and ethnic strife at the moment, having an informed sense as to why this is happening will help you engage with many different kinds of people. With these skills, together with insights into the workings of society, it is not surprising that more and more employers see a Sociology degree as highly desirable.

Giving you the Skills to Suceed

Communication skills: Typically, employers are looking for people who are comfortable expressing themselves and their ideas in a clear, concise and meaningful way. A Sociology degree will give you the skills and confidence to express yourself in both verbal and written forms to a variety of people.

Interpersonal skills: Many of today’s employers adopt a customer-oriented approach and are therefore seeking graduates who are good at networking and affiliating. Most Sociology courses now include exercises in team working, so as well as learning how to initiate ideas and work independently, you will also learn how to work in collaboration with others.

Analytical skills: Sociology is the study of society and therefore develops great problem-solving critical thinking abilities. These skills are essential for all kinds of duties and projects.

Statistics: Organisations value employees who can work with others to define a problem or research question, design a study to find answers, analyse data, report on the findings and then make recommendations based on those findings.

Cross-cultural understanding: Employers need staff who can understand and operate across many diverse cultures. A degree in Sociology will give you a global outlook and help make you aware of traditional stereotypes.

Leadership skills: Employers value employees who can lead by example and develop new ideas. Sociology teaches you how to find information, extract what is important and then turn it into a compelling argument, helping you to influence and motivate others.

Sociology is fascinating! Everything we do has sociological implications and studying social science feeds into and informs a number of additional disciplines (such as health, crime, law, economics).


Stephanie O’Neil

SIPS JR-High Research Assistant, Newcastle University

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