Jack Monroe: The Face of Modern Poverty

The ‘A Girl Called Jack’ blog has been widely featured in the media over the last few years – the story of a young single mother forced into a life of poverty by a system that does not allow her to balance motherhood and a job as a call handler with the fire service.

In this articulate post, she describes the painful steps she makes to try and make ends meet:

Discover More Hunger hurts

Discover More Jack Monroe Face Modern Poverty

As a follow-up to this, students could look at this Guardian article on the above link which gives us an update on Jack and her life. One issue that Jack suggests as being part of the problem is the lack of food education in schools and an over-reliance on ready meals. Students could look at the national curriculum guidelines around the teaching of food technology (bearing in mind its recent abolishment as an A-level subject) and money management/applying for jobs.


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