Feminist Views on Religion

It could be useful to begin by reminding students of what Feminism is (and what it is not) at the start of learning before considering its application to religion.

One issue students have is that they fail to see its relevance in the world today, or can not quite make the link between Feminism and ‘being a feminist’ with the women they see in the media, for example. The following Harpers Bazaar article includes examples of some culturally relevant women with whom students may already be familiar, yet not quite have associated with feminism as a movement:

Discover More The women of the 20th and 21st century who are paving the way for gender equality

The various BBC websites contain a plethora of relevant material on feminism and religion and, using the material on the sites listed below (and others), students could work to provide examples of ways in which:

  •  is or can be a positive force for women

  • is an institution that oppresses and controls women

Jesus was a feminist and so am I:

Discover More Perspectives: Jesus was a feminist and so am I

Islam vs feminism?:

Discover More Viewpoint: Islam v feminism?

BBC World Have Your Say Are faith and feminism compatible (video):


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