Social Inequality

Inequalities in Health

This briefing uses census data on limiting long-term illness to identify wide variations in health between ethnic groups in England and Wales. Ethnic health inequalities can be reduced by improvements in the social status and living conditions of disadvantaged groups.

Discover More Which ethnic groups have the poorest health.pdf

and can be used in conjunction with this article from the Nursing Times:

Discover More Sociology in nursing 4: the impact of ethnicity on health inequalities

Learners can investigate initiatives that have been proposed and/or introduced in an attempt to address the health inequalities presented here. Perhaps, for example, learners live in an area of the country with a transient traveller community. Research could take the form of investigating ways in which the local Clinical Commissioning Group has tried to engage with this part of the population, an example being the approach taken up in Hertfordshire :

Discover More Community Engagement With Gypsy and Traveller Empowerment Hertfordshire.pdf

or in Doncaster:

Discover More Report of our engagement with Gypsy and Traveller Communities in Doncaster

This archived article is a useful homework reading activity for use prior to this activity:

Discover More Ethnicity and Health


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