The Impact of New Media

This podology resource provides some valuable examples of the ways in which new media can be seen as politically significant. After listening to the podcast, which makes links to sociological perspectives including Marxism, students could work in groups with a copy of the written material provided on Iran, the ‘Arab Spring’, Occupy Wall Street and ‘Los Indignados’. After reading the initial information and conducting their own wider reading, groups could be asked to explain to the rest of the class about the event they studied and the ways in which new media was used to illicit change and/or influence society.

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Some useful further reading can be found on this blog:

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An extremely relevant case study in this topic is that of Neda Agha-Soltan, the 26-year-old woman shot dead whilst in the vicinity of political protesters in Iran. Details of her story can be found in this Guardian newspaper article:

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‘Neda’ was also the subject (and title) of a song by the American pop/rock band The Airborne Toxic Event, which might interest students:



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