BSA National A-Level Sociology Competition 2018

Students win an iPad Mini and £500 for your school!

If your students are aged 16-19 and can do a great sociology research project, they could win a fabulous Apple iPad Mini as well as £500 for your school!

The BSA runs an annual competition for the best essay on a sociological research project looking at important questions for our society. This is a wonderful way for your national subject body to recognise the excellent teaching and learning that is going on in schools.

Using a range of sociological arguments to what
extent does society have a responsibility towards
those who are vulnerable?

Essay Competition

This year’s question can encompass a vast range of areas of enquiry for students and sits well alongside the curriculum topics. How would you answer it? Encourage your students to work through the question and come up with their own answers.

Entries are expected to refer to results obtained from their own primary method of research using a suitable sample. This could be an observation, an interview, a questionnaire based study.

Our National A-Level Competition, is open to anyone currently studying at A-level, A/S level, Scottish Higher Level or equivalent post-16 qualification in Sociology and we encourage students to be as creative as possible with your answers!

The closing date for entries for the 2018 has now passed.
Please watch out for news of the winner and details of the next competition!